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Always Fun Charters LLC is proud to be one of the top private deep sea fishing entertainment companies!

Welcome to Always Fun Charters LLC

Based in Fort Meyers Beach, FL, Always Fun Charters LLC has been offering customers one-of-a-kind private deep sea fishing trips and more for years. We are the premiere private fishing entertainment company in our region, and we bring more than eighteen years of experience to the table when it comes to fishing. Owned by Captain Neil, who harbors a great wealth of knowledge when it comes to fishing and boating, we are sure to be an enjoyable choice for off shore fishing!

Whether you are looking for grouper, tarpon, snapper, amberjack, kingfish, shark, or sea bass, you’ll be sure to have luck when you come to Always Fun Charters LLC! Even if you don’t catch anything, you’ll certainly have an excellent time sharing the company of Captain Neil and swapping great fishing stories! If you do catch fish while we’ve taken you out to go deep fishing off shore, we will even take the fish off, fillet them, and place them in freezer baggies for you so you can enjoy your catch at a later date!

Always Fun Charters LLC supplies everything you need to have a great fishing trip with friends or family! All you need to provide is whatever food you wish to eat while on your fishing excursion; the rest is left up to Captain Neil, who has the experience and equipment you need to ensure success while on the open water! We ask that all customers use our service for a minimum of four and a half hours and a maximum of ten hours.

We would be happy to provide you with a free quote on our services, or to elaborate on any of our service terms. If you’re curious about what Always Fun Charters LLC can do for you, call us for more info!